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Security Officers - Static Guard

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Our manpower division is an extremely versatile body able to perform all forms of security guarding. All officers undergo our induction session which covers a variety of standard security procedures and issues but we also incorporate new security issues as they arise, such as teaching counter-terrorism awareness.


We have successfully catered security for major events, shopping centres, building sites, clubs and pubs. All SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES  officers are fully licensed and attired impeccably in either a SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES uniform or as per client instructions. They are highly trained, professional and courteous enabling them to control any situation quickly and effectively.



  • Building Security 
  • Constructions Sites
  • Shopping Centre 
  • Gatekeepers & Traffic Control
  • Conventions 
  • Guard and Dog Handlers 
  • Special Expertise with hostile takeovers 
  • Venue/Exhibitions
  • Crowd Control 
  • Body Guards/Minders
  • Other Special Duties as may be required 
  • Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response


Our security officers are trained, briefed and most importantly supervised at each assignment. If required, SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES  can supply armed guards and/or dog handling teams, equipped with two way radios.




Construction Site Security

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At SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES  our business is geared towards construction. We offer cost competitive guarding and patrol solutions for any construction project small or large. 

We have a vast team of directly employed security officers who are trained in the strategies and protocols that are pertinent to security on construction sites. Site specific duties are drawn up for each project and each guard must demonstrate a sound understanding of them before commencing duties onsite. 

At SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES  we put safety at the height of importance. It is a requirement at SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES  that all guards in our construction division hold an OH&S Green Card and First Aid Certificate. Furthermore, Safe Work Method Statements are completed for every project and implemented onsite before services commence. 

Our Management Team has a combined over 30 years experience in providing security services  to a variety of industries one being the construction industry. Through our industry background and experience we have devised the best systems and procedures for managing security officers conducting services on construction sites. 

We have a number of patrol vehicles on the road that provide random checks of staff onsite as well as responding quickly to alarms.





Crowd Control


SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES  Venue & Event Management believes that heavy handed crowd control is a thing of the past. Our aim is to ensure our clients and their valued customers receive the service they deserve.


Our security officers have undergone the most thorough security training in the country and this training is ongoing. Counter-measures are included in our standard Induction training of all officers. We believe that even for fully qualified operatives, refresher and upgrade training is essential because the Entertainment industry does not stop at one standard.


For example, the current fad of crowd surfing is a common and almost inevitable occurrence at contemporary events. We at SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES  would rather train our operatives to handle crowd surfers in a professional and non-aggressive way, rather than resort to unnecessary confrontation. At all times our operatives bear in mind that such people are your paying customers – without them, there would be no business.


We believe that the major emphasis of the job is actually good customer service, where security forms an essential, but relatively minor component.


Our Management team has over 30 years of combined experience in managing security at a wide range of major public venues, events and concerts.




Banking Services

Crime statistics over the last five years reveal an inordinately high growth rate in the incidents of robbery — in fact the number of robberies has grown by a staggering 65% - more than twice the rate of crime in general which is 30%. Yet in-store theft over the same period dropped by 12%. Unfortunately the average age of the convicted felon is decreasing — meaning the risks involved in handling cash, no matter how small the amount, has increased in measure.


Increasingly, you and your employees are at risk when going to or from the bank. The consequences of a robbery can be profound with issues far out weighing the initial financial loss, such as personal trauma, business liability and financial loss from compensation all having the potential to ruin lives and businesses. Equally, with fewer banks and longer bank queues, combined with staff down-time, opportunity-theft and cash in transit insurances, the costs of your current banking practices can be exorbitant and all these factors must be taken into account when accessing the viability of continuing unsound banking practices.


You can easily avoid risk and unnecessary cost with our secure banking services. We pioneered the provision of ‘soft-skin 'cash transport services over 4 years ago and we are a trusted name in the industry. We are proud of the high quality services we have developed to meet our client needs and requirements.


Our services are prompt, reliable and very affordable. All our services are performed by armed, plain clothed, licensed guard(s) carrying photo identification. Pick-ups are made on agreed day(s) of the week at agreed times. Our procedure is discrete and will not disturb business operations. We provide pick-up vouchers, banking satchels and numbered one-time seals at no cost. Numbered pick-up vouchers (in triplicate) are used to verify safe carriage of the sealed satchel. Insurance cover commences once our guard has signed the pick-up voucher.


All monies carried are fully insured!



  • Peace of mind for you, your family and staff
  • No risk of in-transit robbery and assault
  • No more valuable time lost banking
  • Fully Tax Deductible
  • Flat Fee
  • No costly in-transit insurance
  • No cash handling charges



This service is provided on weekdays (M — F). The banking satchel is picked up and delivered to the nominated bank. The guard waits for teller verification and returns satchel and its contents on the same day. Coin or cash can be sent back to you in the return satchel at no extra cost.



This service can be provided seven days a week because the satchel is returned at the next pick-up after lodgment at the bank. We provide secure storage for satchels picked up out of banking hours.



This service is also provided seven days a week. We collect the tamper proof EBDS (Supplied by the bank) and deposit it in the bank’s express banking facility. We provide secure storage for satchels picked up out of banking hours.



This service is a same day return service used to supplement regular EBDS services when a coin order is required. It can be on a regular or ad-hoc on basis and may require re-ordering of coin from the bank. We usually need 24 hours notice for ad-hoc services but please enquire if your immediate requirements change.




Concierge - Mobile Patrol

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Our highly visible patrol cars carry out around the clock patrols servicing the Construction, Commercial, Industrial and Residential sectors.


Mobile patrols are a cost effective way to secure your business and ensure a speedy response to any unwanted, out of hours, intrusions to your site.


This may include alarm verifications which can be both dangerous and time consuming for the client to handle alone, a mobile patrol guard is always willing and available to meet a client onsite to assist as required or to independently assess the site as safe and secure.

Our Mobile Patrols provide services in;

  • Lock-up/Unlock Services 
  • Cash in Transit
  • Alarm Responses 
  • Escorts
  • Internal & external inspections of premises 
  • Others Special Duties as required


Our mobile patrols operate twenty four hours per day, seven days per week




Dog K9 Unit

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With the relentless growth in crimes against property and person, the practice of using guard dogs in everyday conditions and situations is becoming increasingly popular. Our dogs have become a regular feature at venues around SYDNEY. In many locations or under certain conditions dogs not only provide a superior solution but are also more cost effective than most traditional measures.

For example, a typical outdoor compound housing a hundred or more vehicles can be more effectively and economically controlled by a single man and dog team rather than by two or three static guards. With superior speed, agility, hearing, sight and sense of smell, dogs are better suited than humans to certain areas of security and they perform amazingly well in dim poorly lit areas.

A properly trained dog does not maul suspects, the dog is part of a team with its handler and working together, they become an effective means of deterring, locating and apprehending criminals and thereby preventing crime against property or person.

Proper training ensures our dog handlers have the correct attitude and professionalism to always conduct themselves and their canine partner in a law abiding and publicly acceptable manner.

Before being trained, all dogs are tested for stability, courage, obedience, tactical obedience, agility, handler protection, area and building searches and offender apprehension.


  • To act as a deterrent to unlawful entry
  • To detect and apprehend offenders
  • To prevent crime in the protected area
  • To provide reassurance to the law abiding public and to foster good public relations on behalf of the client



  • Uniformed Patrol Officers with K9 for commercial, industrial, government, or residential property
  • Guard and Dog Teams for crowd control
  • Law Enforcement K9 training & boarding kennels
  • Obedience, Personal Protection & Detection programs
  • Bomb & Narcotic detection dogs
  • Search and Rescue dogs for human detection, urban disaster & cadaver search
  • Free Roaming Yard Dogs



  • Large Areas eg. Golf Courses, recreation areas, theme parks
  • Sites with restricted line-of-sight eg. Large construction projects, warehouses, trucking yards, car/boat/caravan and train yards
  • Any site particularly vulnerable to thieves, vandalism or other illegal activities due to insufficient lighting, remoteness or social economic reasons
  • Areas with gang-related problems, underground parking, malls or high crime areas that may be too dangerous for security guards alone





Electronic Security

sydneysecuritynewima4.jpg - large SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES  offer Security Products and Security Systems for Home and Business Security.


SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES  have the best security solutions for access control, alarm systems, CCTV camera & video surveillance, alarm and perimeter security.


Contact SYDNEY SECURITY SERVICES today to organise a no-obligation free security assessment call  (02) 9728-9777

Retail security 

SYDNEY SECURITY offers unrivalled experience and expertise in retail shopping centre security.

“Paspaley has been working with SYDNEY SECURITY for a number of years…we have been delighted with their ability to provide security at the last minute and have always been extremely flexible when we have had special events.

For the past 7 years, SYDNEY SECURITY  has provided the world’s leading retailers with quality security guards and security officers in Sydney,brisbane  shopping centres. 

Our clients include Chanel, Dior, TAG Heuer, Paspaley, Zegna, Leading Edge Group, Gucci, hugo boss , and Omega,reject shop , Aldi,

We understand the need for …

  •         Discrete yet effective theft deterrence
  •         Supply of security guards at short notice for unexpected events
  •         Guards who welcome customers with a warm and friendly greeting
  •         Professional presentation and grooming

All SYDNEY SECURITY guards wear a professional business black suit with a white shirt and black tie when working at shopping centres and retail stores.

You will appreciate the advantages we offer…

  •         We cover guard lunch breaks at no extra cost to you
  •         Electronic time clocks accurately capture guard time and attendance records
  •         We have a 7 year history of 100% invoice accuracy
  •          Wide network of security for early warning of suspicious activity in and around shopping centres.

SYDNEY SECURITY guards have a vast range of experience in the retail shopping centre environment:

  •        New store openings, media and VIP events
  •         Fashion shows held in store and at event venues
  •         Supervision of cleaners, visual merchandising and maintenance teams after hours
  •         Escorts of valuables
  •         Static guards, security officers and concierge services

All security guards hold a valid security licence. 

“Due to the fact that SYDNEY SECURITY provides services for other luxury stores, they understand how to interact with our customers.”


SYDNEY SECURITY company with over 7 years of experience, provides a full array of Retail shopping centre security, Retail security guards and Security guards for shopping centres. We provide experienced, Retail security officers, Security guards for retail store, Security systems for retail outlets, Retail shopping centre security and Retail security officers in, Sydney, Brisbane. 

Event security 

For Sydney & brisbane Events - Event Security Officers, Traffic Controllers, Security/Traffic Supervisors, Radio Operators & Cleaning staff.  

·        Event security

·        Event traffic marshals

·        Event cleaning

·        Event staff: Customer service, Age verification, Ticket takers, Responsible service of alcohol (RSA)

·        Event access control

·        Event labour hire - general labourers

·        Valet parking

Sydney security can also supply Traffic Management Plans as well as supply and set up all traffic management equipment including: Water barriers, VMS Boards, Arrow Boards, Variable Speed Message Signs, Traffic cones, Stop/Slow Bats, crowd control barriers, and temporary fencing as well as water tankers

We supply our event security guards with two-way radios and professional uniforms with HiVis vest.  Our team can also be equipped with stop/slow bats and whistles for traffic control as all of our event security team are qualified traffic controllers in addition to being licensed security guards.

An experienced supervisor or team of supervisors for large events manage our onsite event security/traffic/cleaning team.


Our team can be dressed in a business suit, casual attire or the Sydney security uniform depending on client needs.  Sydney security's professional uniform provides events with a high visibility security presence.

We also provide security guards for:

·        Asset protection

·        Construction and building sites

·        Retail stores

·        Events

·        Concerts

·        Public events

·        Store openings

·        Display homes

·        Private parties

·        Personal protection

·        Escorts

·        Banks

Our other related services include:

·        Traffic controllers

·        Crowd controllers

·        Event staff

·        Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) officers

·        Mobile patrols

·        Alarm monitoring and alarm response

Event staff selection process

Event security is a highly skilled occupation and one that demands great skill and ability.  All of Sydney security's event security team members are carefully screened and vetted prior to deployment.  Each guard is assessed on their ability to communicate clearly and effectively, their customer service skills and presentation.



Sydney security provides induction training to all new employees, as well as regular professional development training to its workforce.  Event security staff receive refresher training in customer service, conflict resolution, security law, detection and prevention of theft, emergency procedures and first aid.


Sydney security is an experienced and capable provider of gatehouse security personnel.  

SYDNEY SECURITY provides gatehouse security guards, Gatehouse security personnel in  Sydney and brisbane. Call us at 1300 177 741 to talk with our team member about the range of gatehouse security, Gatehouse monitoring and Gatehouse security officers. We can provide you complete protection.


Sydney security has the knowledge, experience and ability to implement, enforce and recommend improvements to site security procedures and practices.  Our gatehouse security personnel are carefully selected for their customer service, knowledge of security and OHS risk and experience in gatehouse operations and site patrols.

All of our gatehouse security guards are qualified in emergency first aid, traffic control, hold occupational health and safety qualifications and are trained in the use of fire extinguishers.  Sydney security's guard team have received comprehensive training in responding to security risk situations and reporting security incidents.  


Sydney security can also assist with the supply and installation of access control systems and CCTV security camera systems.


·        Concierge staff & security officers

·        Night managers

·        Duty managers

The concierge is the first point of contact for residents and their guests and can set the tone for the building.  SYDNEY Security’s concierge professionals focus on the quality of service and presentation required in modern buildings. With a friendly helpful attitude they are ready to assist at all times.

SYDNEY SECURITY can supply experienced, trustworthy and reputable security officers for concierge, duty manager and night manager duties.  We are experienced in providing residential concierge and security services.

 SYDNEY SECURITYuses the latest in automated patrol technolgy provided by Uniguard to provide real time GPS tracking of our security officers and their patrols.

Every SYDNEY SECURIT concierge must pass the same screening and training requirements as all of our other security officers. In addition to the usual security provided by our officers, our concierge will:

·        Greet tenants and guests

·        Monitor the arrival of guests and ensure the safety and security of the building

·        Provide security outside of the building and notify the proper authorities when tenant safety is a concern

·        Respond to emergencies such as fire department or EMS service calls, maintaining order and assisting tenants to follow proper procedures to ensure safety

·        Coordinate the moves in the building, placing protective covering on lifts during moves

·        Attend to all building emergencies

·        Allocate the visitor parking

·        Providing access to cleaners and tradespeople

·        Supervise special deliveries

·        Maintain the tidiness of common areas

·        Manage the arrival and departure of guests

·        Handle noise complaints

·        Changing of the recycling bins and waste skips

·        ​Monitoring of the surveillance camera

·        Key minding

·        Use the latest patrol technology to track and record patrol movements.  Our concierge security officers are accountable 24/7


We provide concierge security officers, College security staff, Concierge security staff, Night managers and Duty managers at affordable price in  Sydney.and Brisbane.SYDNEYSecurity's concierge professionals focus on the quality of service and presentation required in modern buildings