Banking Services


Crime statistics over the last five years reveal an inordinately high growth rate in the incidents of robbery — in fact the number of robberies has grown by a staggering 65% - more than twice the rate of crime in general which is 30%. Yet in-store theft over the same period dropped by 12%. Unfortunately the average age of the convicted felon is decreasing — meaning the risks involved in handling cash, no matter how small the amount, has increased in measure.


Increasingly, you and your employees are at risk when going to or from the bank. The consequences of a robbery can be profound with issues far out weighing the initial financial loss, such as personal trauma, business liability and financial loss from compensation all having the potential to ruin lives and businesses. Equally, with fewer banks and longer bank queues, combined with staff down-time, opportunity-theft and cash in transit insurances, the costs of your current banking practices can be exorbitant and all these factors must be taken into account when accessing the viability of continuing unsound banking practices.


You can easily avoid risk and unnecessary cost with our secure banking services. We pioneered the provision of ‘soft-skin 'cash transport services over 4 years ago and we are a trusted name in the industry. We are proud of the high quality services we have developed to meet our client needs and requirements.


Our services are prompt, reliable and very affordable. All our services are performed by armed, plain clothed, licensed guard(s) carrying photo identification. Pick-ups are made on agreed day(s) of the week at agreed times. Our procedure is discrete and will not disturb business operations. We provide pick-up vouchers, banking satchels and numbered one-time seals at no cost. Numbered pick-up vouchers (in triplicate) are used to verify safe carriage of the sealed satchel. Insurance cover commences once our guard has signed the pick-up voucher.


All monies carried are fully insured!



  • Peace of mind for you, your family and staff
  • No risk of in-transit robbery and assault
  • No more valuable time lost banking
  • Fully Tax Deductible
  • Flat Fee
  • No costly in-transit insurance
  • No cash handling charges



This service is provided on weekdays (M — F). The banking satchel is picked up and delivered to the nominated bank. The guard waits for teller verification and returns satchel and its contents on the same day. Coin or cash can be sent back to you in the return satchel at no extra cost.



This service can be provided seven days a week because the satchel is returned at the next pick-up after lodgment at the bank. We provide secure storage for satchels picked up out of banking hours.



This service is also provided seven days a week. We collect the tamper proof EBDS (Supplied by the bank) and deposit it in the bank’s express banking facility. We provide secure storage for satchels picked up out of banking hours.



This service is a same day return service used to supplement regular EBDS services when a coin order is required. It can be on a regular or ad-hoc on basis and may require re-ordering of coin from the bank. We usually need 24 hours notice for ad-hoc services but please enquire if your immediate requirements change.